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Our company celebrates and draws inspiration for its products from the old chuck wagon cooks. We hope that you will find this page featuring facts about the chuck wagon and its storied past both interesting and informative. For further information about the chuck wagon, the cattle trail, and trivia related to the Old West, please follow the links below.

The chuckwagon originated in the 1860's as a mobile kitchen used to prepare meals for those who worked along the cattle drives. It was a necessity that the cook fed the men with foods that would last several months in the scorching heat. He used dry goods, such as coffee, beans, baking powder, flour, corn meal, rice, sugar, dried chili peppers, dried fruit, and salt.
Utlizing these ingredients, the chuck wagon cook had to be able to build and cook over an open fire. Hardwood was used for fuel and mesquite for flavor.

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